Доктор БОГДАНОВ (Avic)


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Doctor Avic

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Washington, D.C.   Chicago, IL  30 September 10 October 2009


Seminar Program Coordinators


Board Member Moscow School of Political Studies

 TOM RHODENBAUGH Supporters of Civil Society in Russia, Inc.


Seminar Program Coordinators, Chicago, Illinois

 JULIE STAGLIANO,   JULIA SPORTOLARI - Heartland International

 TOM RHODENBAUGH, JEROL ENOCH - Supporters of Civil Society in Russia, Inc.



Library of Congress



Board and Contributors- Supporters of Civil Society in Russia, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Lockheed Martin


Washington D.C. Seminar

Wednesday 30 September    

Arrival Washington DC        United Airlines Flt. 965         Arrive 3:30 PM

            Hotel:                         Embassy Suites Hotel

                                      1250 22nd Street NW

Washington, DC 20037        (202) 857-3388           

6:00 pm                      Dinner -- Delegate Room


Thursday, 1 October 


7:45am   Bus to the Library of Congress, James Madison                                                              Building, (Independence and First Street)     

8:30       Welcome and Introduction Mumford Room, sixth floor of Madison                             Building, Library of Congress (Independence & First Street)                       

                Open World Leadership Center

            Ambassador John OKeefe, Executive Director                   

               Moscow School of Political Studies

                        Lena Nemirovskaya, Founding Director              

               Supporters of Civil Society in Russia

                        The Honorable Toby Gati, Vice Chairperson   

9:10        The Role of Think Tanks in the formulation of Public Policy

                        Samuel Charap,  Fellow, National Security and International Policy                              Center for American Progress (tentative)                       

10:15              Break 

10:25       "From the Outside Looking In- A Russians View of America and the                            US Government"

                        Svetlana Babaeva Russian Journalist for RIA Novosti in                                            Washington 

11:40                    Break 

11:50       "Lobbying the Federal Government on issues of importance to states                                  and local governments:  Why and How." 

                        John  M. Simmons, Senior Adviser, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer &                                 Feld LLP                 

                        Bert Lee Steele III, Policy Adviser, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld                                    LLP 

1 00pm            Lunch at the Library of Congress 

2:00                Depart for Capitol Hill  

2:30              "The Role of Congress in American Foreign Policy Making"

                        Rayborn House Office Building  

                                   Amanda Sloat, Professional Staff Member

                                   House Committee on Foreign Affairs 

3:30                 Tour of the Capitol                                                  

Other Congressional Meetings (Invited, status pending)   

                        Carl Levin, Senator, Michigan                                                                

                        Richard Durbin, Senator, Illinois                                                       

5:30          Bus back to the Hotel/Tour of the City

 7:00          Dinner- Embassy Suites          


Friday, 2 October   - (Meetings will be convened at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1250    22nd Street, NW))


9:00am           Doing Business in Russia and the US:  Adjusting to Changed                                      Economic Circumstances Ford Motors Experience in Russia and  the US

                                   Steve Biegun Vice President,

                                   International Government Affairs

                                   The Ford Motor)           

10:15               Bus to the Old Executive Office Building, 17th and the Ellipse, NW

                        (new entrance to the building is on the South Side of the building) 

11:15              US-Russian Relations After the Moscow Summit

                                   Michael McFaul,

                                   Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for                                              Russia and Central Asia  National Security Council


                                   Antony Blinken

                                   National Security Advisor to Vice President Joseph Biden

                                   Office of the Vice President        

1:00pm                        Lunch Buffet -Embassy Suites Hotel 

Afternoon/Evening    OPEN   Washington DC Sightseeing  


Saturday,  3 October


8:30 am          Departure for the Newseum 

                        Pennsylvania and Sixth Street N.W.

                        6th Street Entrance Freedom Forum 

9:00                 Tour of the Newseum 

10:00              The Media and the Press in an Open and Democratic Society 

           Shelby Coffey, Trustee, Newseum   

 11:20             Bus to Washington National  Airport 

2:03pm           United Airlines flight 619 to Chicago  

3:00                 Arrival in Chicago   

3:30                 Transfer to Hotel

                                   Sheridan Four Points

                                   630 Rush Street


4:30                 Orientation to Program and Free Time

                                   Superior Room A& B

                                    Julie Stagliano, President

                                   Heartland International

                                   Jerol Enoch

                                   Supporters of Civil Society in Russia


Sunday, 4 October 

11:00 am        Chicago Sightseeing Tour and lunch including:

                                   Bus tour with guide Svetlana Mefford 

1:30pm           Free Time  

6:30                 Welcome/Introductory Reception

                                    Sheraton Four Points Hotel Superior Room A&B

                                    Elena Nemirovskaya, Founder Moscow School

                                   Tom Rhodenbaugh, Program Coordinator, Supporters of Civil                           Society in Russia SCSR

                                   Julie Stagliano, President, Heartland International


Monday, 5 October 

9:00am           LISC-Chicago (Local Initiative Support Corporation)                                                      <www.lisc.org>                       

                        Orientation and overview of LISC community based community                                    development programs throughout the city of Chicago

                        Sheridan Four Points Hotel                        

                        Andrew Mooney, Executive Director 

9:30                 Visit to three neighborhoods, where LISC focuses on a range of community issues, for a tour and discussion with staff and community residents:   

       Chicago Lawndale:  organizing, development, foreclosure, neighborhood stabilization, partnership with diverse partners

       Humboldt Park:  affordable housing development, youth programs, managing local governance models through New Communities Program (NCP)

       Pilsen: immigration, education, technology, community planning 

12:30pm          Lunch Heartland International                          

                        Lunch and debrief the tours 

2:30                Tour Playboy Enterprises                       

3:30                 Presentation: Freedom of the Press in an Open Society 

                        Christie Hefner, Former Chair and Chief Executive Officer  

4:30                 Reception: In honor of Elena Nemirovskaya

                        Chicago Cultural Center Co-hosted by Moscow Committee of Sister                            Cities and Supporters of Civil Society in Russia  

 6:30                 Return to the Hotel


Tuesday, 6 October  

8:15am           Bus leaves hotel 

9:00                 Local Politics Seminar - University of Illinois Chicago,

Program Chair: Professors Dick Simpson, Evan McKenzie and             Graduate Student Andris Zimelis, Political Science Department 

This session will include presentations from Professors Simpson, McKenzie and Andris Zimelis (graduate student) followed by a roundtable discussion. The presentation will include: an overview of American Federalism; interrelation between federal, state and local government; how government works with the private sector; research findings presentation and discussion with a graduate student from Latvia doing research on curbing corruption. 

12:00 noon     Lunch on campus at cafeteria (opportunity to talk with students) 

1:30 pm          Return to Heartland International  

2:00                 Doing Business with the United States                         

                        Gregory Hinz, Editor, Crains Chicago Business 

4:00                 The Role of Private Sector Lobbyists in a Democratic Society                       

                        Thomas J. Murphy, Principal, Thomas Murphy PC, Attorney at Law                                     

5:30                 Return to hotel 

Evening:         Free Time


Wednesday, 7 October  

8:15am            Leave hotel (WALKING or proceed to CTA Red Line stop at Grand & State)  

9:00                 U. S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

                        Randy Samborn, Asst U.S. Attorney, Public Information Officer 

Several Assistant U.S. Attorneys will speak to the group about issues that are currently in the forefront, especially organized crime and public corruption.  They will have an opportunity to meet a sitting judge and tour the federal district court.                         

12:00 noon     Lunch at Federal Building Cafeteria 

12:45pm         Walk to Chicago Mercantile Exchange

 1:00                 Chicago Mercantile Exchange                       

Observe closing of markets at one of the few remaining examples of Open Outcry trading.  Short film (in Russian) about the Exchange 

3:00                 City Hall (Walking) 

Alderman Brendan Reilly, Ward 42 

Alderman Reilly represents the ward with the highest financial impact in the city.   He will discuss the Aldermanic tradition, and how he interacts with sometimes competing private sector and government priorities.   

5:30                Council on Global Affairs

                        Public Presentation by Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline                                   Albright (Swissotel)        

7:00                 Return to Hotel


Thursday, 8 October  


8:30am           Bus to pick up participants at hotel 

9:00                 Easter Seals, Inc.                       

                        This national not for profit organization utilizes professionally trained staff as well as a large number of volunteers to deliver services.  It has four specific focus areas:

                   Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism is a developmental   considered the result of a neurological condition affecting normal brain function, development and social interactions.          

                   Young children with disabilities who need to be diagnosed early, and have access to services as soon as possible for the best outcomes.

                   Military and veterans suffering from physical and psychological injuries as a result of service in the military.

                   Older adults - Increasing numbers of older persons and persons with lifelong disabilities are living longer, and thus there is a broader demand for home and community-based servicesservices to help manage chronic conditions, manage chronic conditions, assist with bathing, and cooking and other activities of daily living that may be limited as a result of acute or chronic conditions, as well as keep people integrated in their communities.   

11:00              Tour of Willis (formally Sears) Tower Observation Deck 

12:00noon      Lunch  at Willis (Sears) Tower 

1:30pm           University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

Dr. Ellen Cohen, Dean of Students                      

       Dr. Stephen Goldberg, Special Assistant to the Director, Argonne National Laboratory

       Dr. James M. Sallee, Assistant Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

       Mr. Frank Kreusi, Director, City of Chicago, Washington Office and former President Chicago Transit Authority  

Roundtable Goldberg and Sallee will discuss energy policy and taxation Kreusi, will discuss federal and local policy intersection.   

5:30                Art Institute of Chicago (optional)

                         111 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 

The original art museum and recently added Modern Wing, designed by architect Renzo Piano, holds one of the worlds most comprehensive collections.


Friday, 9 October


8:15am            Walk to meeting or take CTA Red Line (public transportation) subway or above ground bus  

9:00                 Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)  <www.chicagoclimatex.com

Dr. Richard Sandor, CEO 

CCX is North America's only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases (GHG), with global affiliates and projects worldwide.  CCX emitting Members make a voluntary but legally binding commitment to meet annual HG emission reduction targets. Those who reduce below the targets have surplus allowances to sell or bank; those who emit above the targets comply by purchasing CCX Carbon Financial Instrument  (CFI) contracts. 

 Dr. Sandor has been dubbed the founder of carbon trading.  

12:00 noon     Lunch  

1:30pm            Chicago Metropolis 20/20 (CM2020)  (walk to meeting) www.chicagometropolis2020.org                       

                        Tracey Flemming, Director of Operations                       

                        Roundtable with:

       Frank Beal Executive Director

       Paula Wolff Senior Executive

       Paul OConnor Director of Communications      


CM2020 is a business and civic organization implementing policy initiatives and programs for regional action.  It addresses a wide range of issues related to urban planning:  land use, transportation, childhood development and education to justice and violence, incarceration and rehabilitation.                         

3:30                 Back to hotel 

4:00                 Certificate Ceremony /Closing Reception 

8:00                 Performance of Chicago Symphony Orchestra

                        Symphony Hall (Optional)


Saturday, 10 October


8;00am           Depart Hotel for Airport

                        United Airlines Flights 8018/964


SEMINAR EXPERTS - Washington D.C. 

Svetlana BABAEVA, Russian Journalist for RIA Novositi in Washington, DC                                                          

Steve BEIGUN, Vice President, International Government Affairs, The                                 Ford Motor Company 

Antony BLINKEN. National Security Advisor to Vice President

                                Joseph Biden 

Shelby COFFY III, Trustee, NEWSEUM, Senior Fellow, Freedom                                    Forum  

The Honorable Toby T. GATI, Board Member, Moscow School of                                                      Political Studies and Senior                                                                             International Adviser, Akin Gump                                                            Strauss, Hauer, & Feld, LLP.

 Michael McFAUL, Special Assistant to the President and Senior                                                 Director for Russia 

Elena NEMIROVSKAYA (Russia), Founding Director, Moscow School                                               of Political Studies 

Ambassador John OKEEFE, Executive Director, Open World                                                                  Leadership Center 

Amanda SLOAT, Professional Staff Member, U.S. House of                                           Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs    

John M. SIMMONS, Senior Advisor, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld                              LLP 

Bert T. Steele III, Policy Advisor, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld                               LLP




Frank BEAL, Executive Director, Chicago Metropolis 20/20 

Ellen COHEN, PhD, Dean of Students, Harris Graduate School of                                      Public Policy Studies

Tracey FLEMMING, Director of Operations, Chicago Metropolis 20/20    

Stephen GOLDBERG, PhD, Special Assistant to the Director, Argonne                                                   National Laboratory 

Frank KREUSI, Director, City of Chicago, Washington Office and                               former President Chicago Transit Authority  

Christie HEFNER, Former Chair and Chief Executive Officer. Playboy                                     Enterprises  

Gregory HINZ, Editor, Crains Chicago Business 

Evan McKENZIE,PhD Professor Emeritus, Department of Political                                        Science University of Illinois, Chicago  

Thomas MURPHY, Attorney at Law                            

Paul OCONNER, Director of Communications, Chicago Metropolis                                      20/20  

Alderman Brendan REILLY, City of Chicago Ward 42 

Dr. James M. SALLEE, PhD Assistant Professor, Harris School of                                                   Public Policy, University of Chicago

 Randy SAMBORN, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Public Information                                                  Officer, U.S. District Court Northern District  

Dr. Richard SANDOR, Chief Executive Officer,Chicago Climate                                                       Exchange (CCX)   

Dick SIMPSON, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

         University of Illinois, Chicago,  author of Winning Elections, and a former Chicago Alderman and      respected commentator on political affairs.   

Paula WOLFF, Senior Executive, Chicago Metropolis 20/20 

Andris ZIMELLS, Graduate Student, Department of Political Science,                              University of Illinois, Chicago 




Adzhiyev, Daud Sultanovich: Administrative Director, Representation Office in Dagestan attached to the President of  Russian Federation 

Dyatlenko, Dmitriy Dmitriyevich:  Municipal Entity Head, Chairman of Municipal Assembly, Severnoye Izmaylovo Municipal          District, Moscow City 

Shamis, Yevgeniya Mikhaylovna, Current Employment: Director General, "Personal Touch" and "Human Approach," Training and Consulting Agencies  

Mongush, Sayana Chodurayevna: Division Head, Tuva Region Administration, Administrative Office 

Pautova, Nataliya Yuryevna: Assistant to the Deputy, Yaroslavl Region Duma (Legislative Body) 

Ponomarev, Aleksey Leonidovich: Settlement Head, Kultaevsk Rural Settlement, Municipal Entity 

Savitskiy, Mikhail Leonidovich: Chairman, Committee on Land and Advertising Control and Consumer's Rights Protection, Department of Economics and Property Relations, City Board of Kaluga City, Department of Economics and Property Relations 

Artamonova, Olga Yevgenyevna: Leading Sociologist; Instructor, Chair of Sociology and Bilingual Education, Yaroslav Mudryy  Novgorod State University, Sociology Lab 

Badtiyeva, Diana Khairbekovna: Director, Republican Center of Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention 

Bideyeva, Diana Albertovna: Head, Suburb District Department; Head, "Nog Faltar" (New Generation) Non-Government  Youth Volunteer Organization, State Center  Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention under the Ministry of Youth Affairs 

Litvak, Irina Aleksandrovna: Program Director, Radio Station, "Eastern Russia", LLC 

Pechonova, Elina Vyacheslavovna: Executive Editor, "Territoriya Gor" (Territory of Mountains) Regional Magazine 

Bogdanov, Yuriy Vladimirovich, Current Employment: Executive Director, "Kontur" LLC 

Shukhastanova, Aksana Khabasovna: Director, Advertising Agency, "Prime +" 

Zyazina, Veronika Aleksandrovna: Head, Department of Normative-Methodological and Information Support to Regional Reforms Implementation, Institute of Regional Development, State Institution 

Avturkhanov, Elan Musluyevich:Ph.D. of World Economy, Department of Economic Relations, Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy


Baranov, Vladimir Vladimirovich: Director, "Comfortable Habitation", LLC Additional Leadership Position: Chair, Commission on Education, Rasskazov Council of People's Deputies 

Beylin, Ilya Feliksovich: Instructor of Marketing, Institute of Management, Marketing and Finance 

Grushevskiy, Dmitriy Valeryevich: Nizhnevolzhskoye Regional Bureau Director (Astrakhan, Volgograd, Saratov, Penza Regions, Republic of Kalmykiya), "Kommersant" CJSC  Editorial House Additional Leadership Position: Member of the Board of Directors, Volgograd Center of Support for Nonprofit Organizations 

Kanayev, Sergey Vladimirovich: Chairperson, Interregional Association,  "Motorist Rights Protection Society", NGO 

Kryukov, Dmitriy Nikolayevich:General Director, "Siberian Investment and  Construction Company", LLC  Deputy Chair of the Committee on Population Policy and Industrial Relations, Deputy Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee 

Nikonov, Yevgeniy Nikolayevich: Deputy General Director, Training & Consulting Bureau, "Personal Touch", LLC 

Zamogilnyy, Daniil Sergeyevich: General Director, "Volga Balt Technologies", LLC 

Berezkina, Inna Viktorovna: Personal Assistant to Director-Founder, Program Coordinator, Moscow School of Political Research 

Kozlov, Georgiy Yevgenyevich: Director, Private Entrepreneur 

Facilitator Profiles

Pisarev, Yaroslav Anatolyevich: New Information Technologies Deputy Department Chair, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, Department of Foreign Languages 

Shatova, Violetta Aleksandrovna: Financial and Risk Analyst, Stochastics Financial Software  (Moscow office)

 Semenova, Kseniya Igorevna: Administrator, Coffee Shop,"Blinkomov";restaurant,"Chile"

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